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The hypermotor variant of the pathology is characterized by an increase in tone and motor activity not only during the ingestion of food, but also outside it. In every tenth patient, this type of dyskinesia does not have a pronounced clinical picture; this pathology can only be detected during a random examination of the patient for another reason. The rest of the patients have intermittent dysphagia (periods of remission can reach several months), which is aggravated by smoking, alcohol abuse, spices, too hot food and drinks, and stress.

Diffuse esophagospasm is characterized by very strong retrosternal pain, radiating across the entire anterior surface of the chest, to buy azelastine online, shoulders and jaw. Pain can occur both during meals and suddenly, usually lasts a long time, sometimes stopped by a sip of water. After the end of the attack, regurgitation of gastric contents is noted. Dysphagia is usually constant, more pronounced with the passage of liquid food and almost imperceptible duringswallowing hard. Against the background of intact peristalsis of the esophagus, nonspecific dyskinesia is recorded. pains appear irregularly, are localized in the middle or upper part of the sternum, are associated with food intake, are short-lived. They usually buy on their own. Dysphagia is uncommon. The hypermotor variety of the disease should be differentiated from cancer of the esophagus, GERD, achalasia of the cardia, coronary heart disease.

Primary hypomotor esophageal dyskinesia is very rare and is mainly associated with age and alcohol abuse. Often accompanied by reflux esophagitis. In every fifth case, this type of dyskinesia is asymptomatic, the rest register dysphagia, a feeling of fullness and heaviness in the stomach after eating, regurgitation of gastric contents, esophagitis. Disorders of Astelin sphincters include cardiospasm, achalasia of the cardia, violations of the contraction of the upper sphincter. Cardiospasm (spasm of the lower esophageal sphincter) is characterized by an increase in the tone of the lower esophagus and difficulty in passing food through its lower sphincter. Patients with this pathology are emotionally labile and irritable, complaining of a sensation of a lump or a foreign body in the throat, aggravated by swallowing and excitement, accompanied by a feeling of lack of air and a burning sensation behind the sternum. If the increase in motility extends to the stomach, heartburn and belching are disturbing.

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Cardiac achalasia differs from cardiospasm by a decrease in the tone of the lower esophagus against the background of difficulty in passing food through the lower sphincter. Dysphagia is provoked by stress, the rapid absorption of food, certain foods. Characterized by a feeling of azelastine pills and pressure in the stomach and behind the sternum, regurgitation of food eaten, pain behind the sternum. Often accompanied by esophagitis. Disorders of contraction of the upper sphincter are rare and are expressed in swallowing disorders, esophageal-pharyngeal regurgitation.

Esophageal manometry reveals spastic contractile waves in the esophagus with an increase in pressure of more than 30 mm. rt. Art., incomplete relaxation of the lower sphincter, episodes of normal peristalsis (differentiate spasm of the esophagus and achalasia of the cardia). Esophagoscopy, fecal occult blood analysis are used to buy Astelin online complications of esophageal dyskinesia and concomitant diseases. Endoscopic examination can provoke an increase in pain behind the sternum, does not carry a large information load.

Treatment of dyskinesia of the esophagus. For treatment, a diet is widely used - frequent fractional meals in small portions. Food should be thermally, mechanically and chemically gentle, foods high in fiber are excluded. Physical exertion, bending over, overeating should be avoided. Of the medicines that normalize the motility of the esophagus and have an antispasmodic effect, calcium channel blockers, anticholinergics, and nitrates are prescribed. Sedatives have also been widely used. Complications of dyskinesia (GERD, esophagitis) are treated. Surgical intervention is indicated only with the ineffectiveness of conservative and severe forms of the disease.

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The prognosis depends on many factors. type of esophageal dyskinesia, its duration and course. This pathology significantly reduces the patient's quality of life. Prevention consists in regular medical examinations, timely treatment of diseases that can lead to esophageal dyskinesia. Treatment in sanatoriums is a good prevention of exacerbations. Dyskinesia of the esophagus treatment. Symptoms and treatment of esophageal dyskinesia. What is esophageal dyskinesia.

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